Day 54 TIME

                                              G-D’s REMEDY FOR LUCIFER’S SEPARATION FROM LIFE WAS TIME

G-D added time to the second creation (the one we are currently experiencing in our daily lives) after the fall of man so the death that destroyed the first creation to adamah/dust cannot continue without end. The Earth we experience now is in the stage where History records the events of time as they are being acted out like a one act play. We on planet earth today are all players in that one act play. 

Time is not a figment of our imagination. We are not dreaming or hallucinating. We live and move and have our being in time. Time effects us like we are swimming through a pool of thick dark molasses. Try to picture yourself trudging away at the thick substance, leaning into it, and grunting with effort as you struggle to put one foot in front of another.

Jesus says time is as if we see through a tinted glass darkly. While our experiences are real in that they are not false or a lie. What we see and experience is an illusion. Nothing is as it seems. The chair you are sitting in is an illusion. The kitchen table is an illusion. The trees in the forest are an illusion. The ocean is an illusion. The walls in your house are only an illusion. They are not solid. We could walk through them if only we were not caught up in the illusion.

The Greek work Phantazein, to bring before the mind or Latin phantasma/image is close but we are actually living and breathing and walking around in an illusion. In the instant the sky rolls back like a scroll and the Son of Man is revealed all who are in earth will look up and see G-D in His Holy Heaven and Jesus of Nazareth seated at his right side including the hosts. Many will sigh or say oh. Some will think, “why didn’t I see that before. It is so simple.”  There will be a variety of reactions but mostly just,  “now I get it”. The illusion is gone. The Bible calls this “having the mind of Christ”.  The transfiguration of The Christ Jesus on The Mount of Olives is an example. Moses and Elijah were always there. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of G-D, was always in the body called glorified. And so are all the true sons of G-D. 


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  1. I blogged in 2010 too. So I am not entirely new at blogging, but that is not the important thought here. The importance is in the content. This blog is information the true sons of Creator G-D need to navigate these last days before the sky rolls back like a scroll and we go home. This is a day by day field manual for getting home. Please let us concentrate on the issues. The importance of Day 54 is that TIME IS OVER. and it is now time to build your ark for the journey ahead. The Theresa

  2. I do not use any social media. I never have. Nothing on any Social Media is me or has anything to do with me.

    There is a new publication every day. I wrote day 71 today. Theresa

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