Day 53 Creator had to do something

The consequences for disobedience in the garden came swiftly. Adam must work for a living. By the sweat of his brow he will make a living. The ground will no longer yield it increase to man freely. Man person/ish must work the ground to make it produce. Eve the isha/person will bear children in pain. Her desire will be for her husband. Husband is different than help meet. The serpent bruised her heel and her children will forever bruise the head of the serpent.

Lucifer succeeded in making adamah hurt as much as he did. Lucifer lost his chimes and is no longer the light being. The first Adam lost his immorality and is no longer clothed in light because the breath of life is gong out of his being. Making you hurt as much as he does is one of Ha Satan’s favorite pass times today. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Interlude in order to think on these things…….

Before Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil there was only being. Knowing was safely encapsulated in the fruit of the tree and was not the same knowing as it is to know in time space today. When Adam and Eve disobeyed G-D and ate from the fruit of the tree they immediately knew the carnal knowing of the age of rebellion. They knew good and evil. They knew there had been a war in Heaven. That the serpent had at one time been Lucifer. The knew Lucifer rebelled. They knew that by eating the fruit they had become part of Lucifer’s rebellion. They who knew no sin or separation now bore the weight of the fall of man. They were cut off from G-D. Cut off from LIFE is death.

When Eve and Adam ate the fruit it was shocking for them to learn how the serpent in the garden had rebelled against Creator G-D in an attempt to be creator. Creator G-D had stripped Lucifer of the Glory and cast him out of heaven. Along with this information about Lucifer and the rebellion was the idea they were naked and needed to have a covering. Before they had been covered in the glory of G-D. They lost the Glory of G-D upon learning knowledge from the tree. 

Having learned what was stored in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil Adam and Eve were immediately separated from the Glory of G-D the ONE original LIFE. They died. Eve died the second she bit into the fruit of the tree. Then Adam died the second he took the fruit from Eve and bit into it. 

Now they “know” about Lucifer who is the serpent in the garden. Because they “know” they became the sin of Lucifer and death. This is known as “the original sin” by the church. The original sin all people are made of is from the rebellion and choice to know. We are all made death by knowledge. G-D had to separate from the second creation because he is LIGHT. LIGHT DISPELS (KILLS) DEATH AND DARKNESS. In order to save us, creator had to distance from us. The distance is the vast chasm between us. The second creation does not have access to the original being Creator G-D the ONE. Creator had to do something. Our creator loves us and took steps to bring us back into communion. 




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