Day 52 A good conversation about the fall

Ha Satan made the tree of knowledge of good and evil seem desirable for Adam and Eve to touch and eat. Satan enticed the female-person, Eve, into disobeying The Lord G-D by eating from the forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the midst of the Garden of Eden. Eve, the female adamah person, in the first Adam couple experienced immediate separation from G-D. Eve died. Eve then went to the male Adam and he ate the fruit too. Adam died.

Adam and Eve/person were ashamed after the shekinah glory fell from him. He began to experience himself stripped of the glory, the light and the presence of the ONE. When The Lord G-D came to them in the garden as He did every morning, Adam told G-D he was naked and too ashamed to come out and walk with him. G-D asked Adam how he knew he was naked. Did someone tell him he was naked? Adam answered no one told me I was naked. The woman you gave me brought me fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden and I ate of it. I am naked. Do not come here. I am ashamed for you to see me like this. 

All aspects of the rebellion fell on them. They were cut off from Creator G-D. They died. They became death just like Lucifer. They were immediately separated from G-D. Separation from G-D is death. Adam and Eve gave up their immorality that The Lord G-D breathed into them and took on morality and the first death.

Only humankind created by voice in the first creation and manifested through the Word of G-D that did not take part in the rebellion of Lucifer were still immortal. The first death that is Lucifer did not affect humankind in that they did not sin (turn away from G-D) or become sin (separated from the G-D LIFE). The definition of sin is separated from G-D. Lucifer’s death had no part in humankind. It is true even humankind can be deceived into worshiping Ha Satan. It is also true that all who enter life here on earth through the birth canal of a woman have taken on the rebellion of Lucifer and have become sin. In church jargon, this is the original sin. 


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