Day 211 Chapter 33 1st Beast Relinquishes Power & Authority on Earth to 2nd Beast

Babylon, The Great Harlot, The Whore Church, has fallen. It fell in one day just as it was foretold in New and Old Testament prophecy and other cultures and religions on earth. The fall of the great whore, Church, was accomplished in the same day that Israel became a nation in one day. In that day, the branches of true son that had been grafted out of LIFE into gentile Church were grafted out of Church, and were grafted back into LIFE in The Lord G-D just as Jesus promised. 

In 1948, after World War II, the world leaders sat down together and marked out the boundaries of Israel following the boundaries of the tribes as recorded in The Torah of G-D. The whore church, the first beast, sat down by the red dragon at the side of the lake of glass under the throne of The One, Creator G-D and the second beast came up out of the seal of glass and assumed the position of authority on earth. The second beast is given all power and all authority the great deceiver, whore church, was able to amass through the millennia. THE ACTUAL EXCHANGE OF POWER MANIFESTED IN EARTH THE SECOND SUNDAY IN NOVEMBER 2009 EARTH TIME. The great whore sits spread open wide at the side of the red dragon on the shores of the seal of glass and watches as the second beast implements the second phase of Satan’s plan to steal the identity of Creator G-D, The ONE and rule the world. 

The second beast concentrates its power in the banking cartels and works through greed instead of using the inherent need of all mankind to know and worship G0d as was the plan and purpose of the first beast. There will be one world government. Rulers, principalities, powers, the governors of the one world government, will set up a global banking system with the express purpose that true fine who remain incarnate on planet earth cannot buy or sell or get paid or have any gainful employ unless we have the mark of the beast on our head or on our hand. This event is upon us, in our life time. In fact, it is already being used in the United States. Parents are deceived into having an electronic locator chip inserted in the hand or forehead of their children. They may be tracked anywhere they go. There is no place to hide. 

It has begun. 

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