Day 116 The Trinity as we know it does not exist

Trinity does not exist as we know it.

Hold on to your hats and sit down now. I am going to give you some hard truth that is very difficult to take, especially if you grew up in the church like I did. For those who consider themselves “Catholic” this will be even harder. But it is these very people who consider themselves “Catholic” who need this truth the most if they are going to save their immortal souls and escape the second death. 

I could not believe this myself. The Lord G-D had to show me. There is no “Godhead”. There is no “trinity” that included “God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost/Spirit. I have met all three of the ones listed here who are supposedly part of this threesome, the three-in-one “godhead”. 

It gets worse. Cherubs are not baby angels. I nearly expired when I met my first cherub. We have been lied to. The deceptions are serious and malicious to the detriment and destructions of our immortal souls. Let those who have ears to hear hear. 

In the next three days journey here in the blog I will take each member of this fictional threesome and explain who they really are and why there is no “trinity”.  

Trinity Part 1: God the Father   

Trinity Part 2: God the Son   

Trinity Part 3: God the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost


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