Day 210 The Earth is Without Form and Void

We have some things to go through in our everyday lives here on planet earth in the time space continuum before the sky rolls back like a scroll and the true Son of Man is revealed. We must each one decide how we are going to approach the events as they happen. It is critical to know what you want. It is critical to know who you are. It is critical to know where your treasure is. Do you see this creation as your paradise? Is this planet your Shangri-La? Is Heaven a place on Earth for you? Do you believe this creation is passing away and the new creation is there ready and waiting for you. 

It is recorded in the Christian Bible that Jesus of Nazareth said it like this, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away. Behold, there is a new kingdom, a new heaven and new Earth.” I used to believe that meant we were going to go through a make over, a remodel. No. This means this creation as we know it ceases to be. It passes away in an instant, the blink of an eye. It never existed. No memory of it exists. Genesis 1:2 comes to pass. It is real. “The Earth was without form and void.”

All who have ears to hear, hear me now.

In the beginning G-D!

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