When Jesus asks you if you want to have some fun, say YES!

I was sitting in my comfy chair minding my own business. Not really doing anything in particular one day and Jesus showed up in my living room. He said to me, “Would you like to have some fun.”

I said YES!

Jesus took my hand and I was immediately aware of being in a sort of tube walking with Jesus. We were walking at a normal pace talking as we went. Jesus had the keys of the kingdom on his belt. From time to time he would turn to the right or left and take out a key. Then I became aware of a sort of prison with multitudes of holding cells rising above me. There were people in them.

Then I became aware of a great set of bosoms above me. The person whose cage had just been opened rose up out of the cage and into the arms and bosoms high above. 

The we would start walking again. 

Until at once I was aware we were out of the tube and in a place of green rolling hills and trees in the distance. Jesus said, “Creator God commanded Israel to destroy all the poles erected to worship the goddess Ashera in Israel. They never did. From time to time this or that kind would make a stab at destroying the Ashera poles that Jezebel erected to deceive Israel. No one ever succeeded in smashing all of them. Would you like them to help me smash the remaining Ashera poles? 

I said YES!


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