Day 207 Manifestation of the Red Dragon in moms basement

I have seen a manifestation of the red dragon. It had actually taken up residence in my mother’s basement in the house where I lived before my father died. One summer when my daughters were in elementary school my ex husband and I brought our children home to my moms house for a visit.

We heard mom was not well. When we arrived, she was thin and pale and obviously not eating right. There were pieces of clothing that were obviously hand washed strung throughout the house to dry. When I asked her why she was not using her washer and dryer, she told us she was afraid to go down into the basement. There was something down there.

Evan and I were feeling the magnanimity of the supply of The Lord G-D to us through the Baptism of the one called Holy. Without checking with the Lord G-D for instruction and permission and direction, I said I was going down to the basement to see what it was. Mom tried to convince me not to go down there but I went any way. I dragged my Evan along with me citing him the “where two are together in my name” stuff.

As we descended the stairs into mom’s basement, it got colder and colder. Now that was odd. This is a full basement under our house. It is fully finished with wood paneling and rugs and a bedroom down there fully furnished in one of the side rooms. As a kind growing up in that house, I had spent many hours down there.  The washer and dryer were hooked up down there in the unfinished section of the basement with the central air conditioner and furnace units. It was here in the unfinished section where it was obvious there was something going on. It was a nice warm summer day outside. Mom did not have the air-conditioning unit running and that back section of the house was covered with ice. I mean there was a sheet of ice 2 or 3 feet thick on the floor. I was thicker in some places than others like the waves of an ocean.

Evan and I walked around the corner into the back room. What we saw was quite remarkable. It was both male and female in form having a head that resembled the head of a woman. The it had a long tubular body starting to be wide at the top near the head and shoulders. Two arms with two hands were affixed to the side as it narrowed to a small snake like body as it went down to the floor where it circled once or twice. Top portion was the figure of a man/woman with the bottom portion of a snake like the tail of a dragon.

Later I saw this same being in the movie “The Golden Child” with Eddie Murphy.  One Eddie’s trip to Tibet he and his female companion met with some sort of spirit being to get directions or instructions about saving the Golden Child. This figure in the movie was behind a screen at first and could not be seen. Eddie Murphy’s character knocked the screen over revealing the shape of the one they came to see. It’s form was the same form I saw in my mom’s basement. That is where the similarities ended. The spirit being in the movie “The Golden Child” held a cigarette or opium pipe or something. It rattled and had little bells going off when it spoke. There weren’t any of those sound effects in mom’s basement. Our communication with the thing inhabiting my mom’s basement imparted communication to us much like the Mithras did with me in my bedroom as I described it in an early post.

When my husband and I turned the corner in my mom’s basement and saw the spirit at the end of the room we both stopped in our tracks. It took us a second or two to take in all of that drama unfolding before us. It was so unexpected. Had this been my first experience with spirits, I probably would have fainted. The dragon was communicating something to us ethereally meant to do us harm. The major frontal attack came directly at me.

At one point in the battle the red dragon took flight and screamed a long blood curdling scream as it lifted straight up through the ceiling. It had to go through the ground floor of the house too. Mom was sitting up there on the sofa in the living room. She ran to the door of the basement to see if we were ok.

The ice began melting immediately and quickly dissipated……….



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