Day 208 Insights after the battle

My husband and I searched the basement to find what it was that had opened a gate for the dragon to inhabit my mom’s basement. We found my old Ouija board down there. Mom and dad had gotten me and Ouija for Christmas one year. It had been a popular party game when I was a teenager. I knew there was a spirit living in mime because it would make the game piece move without anyone holding on to it. I even know the name of the sprit that inhabited that board. I had forgotten I even had it. The spirit in that board was “mean wittle (little) kid”. We had destroyed my Ouija and the stylus years before while I was still at home. It was not easy. They were constructed supernaturally so you could not just saw them in half. Point is, my Ouija board was gone. How did that Ouija board get there? Who did it belong to? I don’t think we ever had a good answer to that question. If mom knew, she did not say. We destroyed this Ouija board too. Immediately!

Right after we cleared out the basement, mom soon sold the house. At that time until now at the writing of this gook I have blamed myself for the indwelling of the red dragon. I owned an Ouija board as a teenager and used it during sleep overs in the basement. I do not know if that same Ouija board was the cause of the gate for the inhabitation. Mom was even shocked the board was there. She had put it in a good will  box the year before. So whose was it. Who did this board belong to? And how did they keep showing up at moms house? The spirit that lived in that board I played with growing up was unruly and obnoxious, but not the caliber of the dragon in mom’s basement. Something else called it there and maintained the manifestation. 

The rank in The Lord Gods army necessary to command evil spirits is not obtained quickly or easily. There are many tests the person has to pass. Without that authority in place and backed by The Lord G-D, the demons are not  under any obligation to obey. The person speaking presumptuously is putting their soul at risk of destruction. I believe this confrontation between me and the red dragon may have been set up to kill me.  

Much like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, I had to go back to home base and be healed physically and mentally and spiritually and emotionally and complete my training! I actually wrote this book ten years ago. I am just now being instructed to pull it out and do a rewrite. I have gained the experience and earned the ranks in The Lord G-D now to finish it. 

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