Day 206 In the end, TRUTH

I suggest you keep your eye on T. Harv Eker.  I am not sure if he would categorize himself as a prophet or not. I think probably not. Just what he would say of himself is unclear to me. I do not know if he is the “false prophet” that the Apostle John saw in his visions on the Aisle of Patmos or one who is plainly false or no prophet at all. 

I was part of T. Harv’s inner circle for several months. He trains his followers in the mystical arts. He trains his followers in military arts. His warrior camps are very possibly the recruiting camps they use to see if you are physically fit enough to bring into the service of the antichrist. Many who attend his camp meetings begin to believe they are “gods” or “goddesses” or they already have that picture of themselves before they pay to go to the weekend warrior camps. 

The connections T. Harv Eker has with the best biggest most world renowned business moguls is more proof suggesting this is a tool of the antichrist system, The New World Order/global economy. Some of the world renowned men of business are the fathers of “network marketing”. Many of them believe themselves to be deeply religious and definitely “Christian” men. Some are into eastern religions. Some consider themselves “new age”. 

It would be good to conduct a “Google Search” on George Soros. Look him up. Judge for yourselves. I believe him to be the progenitor of The New World Order economic system and I believe The New World Order is the second beast that came up out of the sea of Glass as Satan beckoned it to come up and take its place where the first beast, the organized Catholic Church, sat down turning over its power and authority over men to the next phase in the plan set out by Lucifer in the first creation to take over the place of creator G-D. 

I know this from personal experience. This is my personal witness and testimony. This is not hearsay or a report given from research of writings of others who are reports of writings of others so therefore has no validity. I saw and know this first hand. Here is my final conclusion:


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