Day 205 The “New World Order” begins to take hold

As I explained in my earlier blog about the indoctrination meeting, it was the battle cry of that political group I was taken to that the United States Monetary system and the global financial institutions had to fall “for Jesus to come”.  I think it is quite ingenious to deceive, indoctrinate, and conscript the masses of “sheeples” into service to the Antichrist under the guise of “Church” and somehow hastening the day of the second coming of Jesus, the Christ of The Lord G-D. 

Think about it. Organized religion is the first beast. We know from the book of Revelation the first beast turns over its power and dominance to the second beast before it sits down at the right hand of Satan. Satan and the first beast are seated on the shores of the sea of glass in this current Heaven in time/space watching the events as they unfold here in earth’s arena. 

Organized religion did a good j o b. The “Church” as instituted by Constantine did a fine j o b defaming Mary Magdalene and desecrating the Sabbath, confusing the sacraments, and confusing the events surrounding the return of Jesus, the Christ of The Lord G-D. With all of this psychological conditioning and hypnotic suggestion in place today it is easy to deceive the elite of The Christ, who are devotees of the whore “Church” into thinking they are “the army of G-D” in our time ushering in the second coming and the millennial reign of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of The Lord G-D. 

I have seen this too. Remember the convention I attended where The Lord G-D sent in a luminary (a star incarnate in earth) and an angel to save me from the grand finale event where they had a hypnotist put the whole crowd under the spell and control of hypnotism. That guy, T Harv Eker, who is the founder of Peak Potentials and is the leader of the movement, claims to be a “Christian” (but not like  you). He will tell you he is a sort of “Christian”. He says it with a specific sort of smile when he tells you he is “Christian” just not like you, the person asking him the question. I am convinced the people who were hypnotized that night were conscripted into the army of the Anitchrist. Their ability to think and reason were compromised. I think their free will was taken from them. They became like the animals of the field. Yet they walk among us undetected.

I suggest  you keep an eye on T. Harv. Eker. I am not sure if he would categorize himself as a prophet or not. I think probably not. Just what he would say about himself is unclear to me. I do not know if he is the “false prophet” that the apostle John saw in his visions on the Aisle of Patmos or no prophet at all. 

As I sit here now typing this out from the manuscript of my book THE ORIGINAL IDENTITY THEFT, it occurs to me that T. Harv is probably one of the immortals who were in the first creation before the rebellion of Lucifer. As am I. But, I do not know if T. Harv remained true to Creator G-D, the ONE, or if he turned to the rebellion of Lucifer and is among the walking dead permeating planet earth in these end days. I know he was not good for me at that time and is probably still not good for me. I have grown in my insight and revelation and teaching from the One Called Holy, our comforter, but I do not see everything clearly, even now. Take heed to yourself. Guard your mind and your soul. 


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