Day 165 Chapter 25 Jesus on earth

Let me say that again. JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE CHRIST, LEFT THE EARTHLY KINGDOM OF THE LORD G-D IN THE HANDS OF A WOMAN, MARY MAGDALENE, HIS WIFE, MARY OF MAGDALA KNOWN AS MARY MAGDALENE. SHE WAS GIVEN THE ORDERS AND THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE POWER AND THE AUTHORITY ON EARTH TO CARRY ON THE MISSION OF THE LORD G-Ds  HERE ON EARTH AFTER THE CRUCIFIXION, RESURRECTION AND ASSENTION OF JESUS THROUGHOUT TIME TO TURN THE HEARTS OF HUMANKIND BACK TO THE FATHER. Jesus came to “seek and to save that which was lost”. That which was lost are the humankind in the first creation that were deceived into serving Lucifer and following in the rebellion. The humankind and the angels Lucifer deceived into following him and to rebelling and the third of the stars Lucifer dragged out of the spance while cascading through the void after being stripped of patenance and pipes and glory in judgment. This is what Jesus of Nazareth came to seek and to save. Nothing more. To the rest Jesus gave the power to become “Sons of The Lord G-D”.  This power is through the blood of the lamb and the death burial and resurrection unto new life in water baptism. Ye must be born again. 

JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE CHRIST OF THE LORD G-D, the expiation for sin, the sin of Lucifer, the cherub that covers, separated all of adamah from Creator G-D, the ONE, LEFT THE FOLLOWERS AND THE MISSION IN THE HANDS OF MARY MAGDALENE, HIS WIFE.

This truth is recorded in many different letters and books of that time that the disciples, Peter most of all, were jealous of Mary his wife. Disciples led by Peter opposed Mary’s succession after Jesus as leader of the mission here on earth. I believe they tended to misunderstand the true meaning and direction of the mission to turn the hearts of the children back to the Father or they would not have been so eager to stage a hostile takeover.  For one thing, the patriarchal system of Jesus day did not allow women to teach men much less hold position over them.  Mary Magdalene was already the exception to this rule. She is descended from Kings and she taught men in the Temple in Jerusalem. Mary Magdalene was also a business woman in her day, a seller of purple. 

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