Day 100 Chapter 17 Worshipping the Image made possible via virtual reality

Soon after the visit from the FBI agents I relocated to the East Coast with the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC for almost a year. I had to keep moving because the factions of the U.S. who are really behind the 9/11 attacks and their branches are everywhere. One night coming home from a late meeting I held in my capacity as USCC representative in my new east coast location, I was boxed in by cars while traveling down the highway at highway speeds. They tried to force me off the road, one in front of me, one in back of me, and one paralleling me. I could not change lanes and escape them.

I called the state highway patrol on my cell phone. Told them who I was and that I needed them NOW. They did not come very fast. I took down the license tag numbers of the cars boxing me in. When the State Highway Patrol finally did arrive, I gave them the license plate numbers of some of the closest offenders who were right next to my car. 

The local police came back to me saying the license plate numbers I gave them were not even close to being right. I knew that was wrong. I wrote the numbers down while the cars were boxing me in. I had ample time to check and recheck the numbers I wrote down for the license plates on the cars boxing me in. I am certain I got the numbers right. And besides. The officer said “the numbers you gave us are not even close”. Close to what? To what were they comparing the numbers I gave them? Did they know who it was that boxed me in? How else could they say I was not even close to the numbers on their car tags.

I found out later the highway I was traveling on was well known for these activities after dark and the locals themselves avoided it. I am sure I do not know what the authorities did with the information I gave them. Perhaps the local police authorities were involved in the groups and in on what happened to me. If so, this car event was institutionalized and USCC could no longer protect me or perhaps even was involved in some way. At this point I had no idea. After all, some of the American Al-Qaida were USCC members. I had no idea how deeply they had influence in USCC. I soon resigned my position.


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