Day 152 Chapter 24 Song of The Lamb

Jesus of Nazareth handpicked us who are alive in planet earth today for this specific point in time because our character quality is essential for the kingdom of The Lord G-D, Creator G-D the ONE to squelch the rebellion. The Lord G-D has trained us, armed us, and supplied us specifically for the task He put us here to do. Do not fear. Push out the doubt and get it done. 

John the emissary penned the book of Revelation while in prison on the Aisle of Patmos. He describes His commission from the Lord G-D as, “Then the command came out of heaven WRITE!”  I, Like the Apostle John, knew I was going to write a book when I was just a teenager. I just did not know when. I have tried to write before and could not. I compiled two or three hundred pages of notes and had them taken from me. I had to start over. I am glad the notes are gone. Nothing I wrote before is like what I am writing now. I got most or all of this revelation and the instruction about what to write in one week. The Lord G-D gets me up and has me write in the middle of the night. I am not lying. In fact, I really have to discipline myself to stick to the outline and not jump to the end. We are in the final scene of the final act of this drama. Please keep reading!

The Apostle John describes for us the panoramic scene in his vision. Jesus is seen standing on Mt. Zion and an angel comes out of the heavenly temple in Mt. Zion where The Lord G-D is sitting on his throne. This angel is in charge of a Sickle. This Sickle has been in The Lord G-Ds store house waiting for the Harvest of the Earth. Not is the time. The grapes from “the earth’s vine” are being gathered and carried in to the barns. It is only after every piece of fruit is harvested the weeks are cut down. The chaff is burned in the fires. 

After a farmer harvests his field he plows the stalks under. Finally he goes over the field with a disc until the ground is free of stalks and weeds/

The grapes spoken of in the book of Revelation represent person/adam and their multiplications. They are taken to the wine presses of The Lord G-Ds fury where they are trodden down. This is a reference to the battle of Armageddon valley. The “blood” trodden out of the grapes from earth flowed from the wine press as high as the horses’ bridles for two hundred miles. These are “the grapes of wrath” that fill The Lord G-D’s cup of wrath that is poured out of earth by 7 angels from 7 bowls. Armageddon is the war Israel fights with Ismael in the valley of Megiddo outside the city of Jerusalem. In many religious circles the battle of Armageddon is the beginning of The Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation is the week within the week which is Israel’s last week. This week within the week is prophesied by Ezekiel in the major prophets of the Old Testament of the Bible. 

The great tribulation is an actual 7 earth year period of time. Seven being the number of days in a week. Therefore, the prophets called it the week within Israel’s week. There are several periods of time called Israel’s week in the Bible. Israel’s broad week is the seven periods of the first creation. Time had not been created then so the seven “days” do not coincide with our current 24 hours in a day. The Lord G-D created time in as part of the correction to end the rebellion of Lucifer in the judgment after Eve at the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil commonly knows as “the fall of man”. 

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