Day 153 The times and seasons of the end of the second beast

The Lord G-D placed 7,000 years as the boundary of time for the second creation outlined in Genesis chapter 2. We are physically now at the end of 6,000 years in the Hebrew calendar. At the end of the 6,000 years is one of Israel’s weeks, a 70 year period where knowledge will increase and antichrist will be revealed. We are in that 70year period now. This 70 year period is commonly known as the tribulation of the saints. The last 7 years of the 70 years of tribulation are commonly known as the great tribulation. This is prophesied as the week within the week. We are at the beginning of the 70 years tribulation. We are precariously close to the last 7 years of great tribulation but we are not there yet. 

Once the battle of Armageddon is fought, that family feud is over. Finally the entire wrath of The Lord G-D is collected in 7 bowls and poured out in the earth. It is finished. These end times and events we live and are about to witness were foretold by the ancient prophets. John the emissary saw our day and recorded it in the book of Revelation. We are actors in the Lord G-D’s divine play to restore the Original Being, The ONE. 


In his record in the book of Revelation, John picks up the story at the scene by the sea of glass mixed with fire. This is a description of a real place in Heaven. Those of The Lord G-D’s Holy people who defeat the beast are standing on the seashore of the sea of glass playing harps and tambourines singing The Song of Moses. These are the overcomers singing The Song of Moses. Singing The Song of Moses leads to the judgment of the Great Harlot, the whore church, and a new song is sung. The new song is THE SONG OF THE LAMB. Jesus of Nazareth makes his triumphal entry. As he enters the throne room he is hailed in the courts of The Lord G-D as conquering king. Jesus is found worthy to receive all power and dominion in earth. He is given the keys to Heaven and Hell.

Remember. None of this happened in time. 

As I sit here and write and as you sit there and read what I write, Jesus has already conquered Satan, sin, Hell, and the grave. He has already ridden triumphantly into the courts of Heaven in Mt. Zion. He has already been received and declaring conquering king. He holds the keys to Heaven and the fiery pit right now. 

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