Day 154 The Song of the Lamb

The Song of the Lamb has been and is being sung in Heaven as  you read this. The entire song is recorded by John the emissary in Revelation 15. The Apostle John says, “Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous; seven angels having the seven last plagues (being poured out of the seven bowls in Revelation 16), for in them the wrath of The Lord G-d, Creator G-D the ONE is complete.”

The overcomers and the redeemed join the angels as they sing The Song of The Lamb:

              “Great and Marvelous are your works,

               Lord G-D Almighty

               Just and true are your ways,

               O’ King of the saints!”


               Who shall not fear  you,

               O’ Lord and glorify your name?

              For you alone are holy,

               For all nations shall come

               And worship you.

              For your judgments have been manifested.”

John reports that at the singing of The Song of The Lamb the door to the Holy of Holies in The Temple of The Tabernacle of The Testimony opens. The pathway to The Lord G-D, Creator G-D the ONE is open. We have free access to the throne room. The veils that covered the temple and separated us from the presence of The Original Being, The ONE are rend into two pieces. The earthly manifestation of this heavenly event happened in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified. 

Immediately, at the end of Jesus utterance “it is finished” the veil in the temple guarding the Holy of Holies tore in two. What is keeping you from going right on in? Whatever it is it is about you. It is all you. Jesus has opened the way and nothing can keep you from going in, but you.

What will you do today?

Before you stands two choices. Life and Death. The death of the second death. Death without remedy. 

Choose LIFE


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