Day 180 Chapter 27 Build your Ark NOW!

This is the message I am commissioned to give you. It is time to build your arc. This creation is ending. We who are true vine are being transplanted into the new creation. Do not grow weary in well doing. Do not begin to think nothing is going to happen.


Jesus of Nazareth gives us insight into our time in the parable of the 10 virgins. According to the parable, the virgins prepared themselves for the Wedding. Each virgin carried her own lamp for the procession, but the groom did not come instantly. Night grew long. The groom had not arrived. The lamps began running out of oil. The 10 prudent virgins who brought an extra flask filled their lamps and had light. The 10 foolish virgins lamps went out. The 10 foolish virgins lamps went out. The foolish virgins begged the prudent virgins for some of their oil. The 10 prudent virgins said no because they did not know when the groom would come and they brought only enough for themselves. The 10 foolish virgins insisted because they did not have time to go into town and purchase another flash of oil. The groom might come. No said the prudent virgins. We do not know how long the groom might take. We might run out of oil too if we give oil to you. Some of the foolish virgins fell asleep. Some went to buy more oil.

The groom came.  The wedding master awakened the virgins out of their sleep to trim their lamps and join the wedding march. 

The virgins who had an extra pouch of oil with them “trimmed” their lamps and followed the groom into the Wedding chamber.

The foolish virgins who did not have an extra pouch of oil asked the virgins who had just trimmed their lamps if they could have some of their oil. The wise virgins told the foolish virgins they only had enough oil to trim their own lamps. 

Desperate, the foolish virgins entreated the wedding master, “Please sir, give us oil for our lamps.” The wedding master told the foolish virgins to GO BUY OIL TO FILL YOUR LAMPS. 

The wedding procession began.

The foolish virgins did go buy oil but by the time they got back, the wedding march was over and the door to the wedding chamber was closed. They were left outside where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The bride groom in this story of the foolish virgin is a picture of the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of  The Lord G-D to set up the millennial reign on earth. This does NOT mean he is coming to physically marry and have sex with each one of us millions of people on a marriage bed in a wedding chamber. Church has gone a little far with the metaphor of Israel the “bride of G-D” and Church as the “bride of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of G-D.  It is not what we incarnate in a flesh body think. 

It is not what we have been told. 



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