Day 181 Build your Ark NOW! part 2

“The bride of Christ” is a metaphor. A parable. A literary license taken to explain a principle. Their is no real husband/wife relationship. It dos not mean or bodies start talking to us and The Lord G-D or Jesus answers with a physical sexual act. There is no appendage involved. No penetration needed or warranted. The new body in the third creation is a Light body that does not have the curses of adam and eve. Remember I said in the new creation none of this happened. We  have no memory of this body. We do not miss it. The communion of our spirits is much more than this. 

We do have a journey to get us there. Dieing is the easy part. Once we die we either sit and wait for the rest of us or are given to us under the throne of The Lord G-d. Our J O B is over. We who are left are called to LIVE to The Lord G-D. Noah could have given up any time and let the flood water take him.

Uh Uh.

We do not know  the exact hour or the day or the time or even the year when the end will come. No one knows. Not even Jesus himself. The Lord G-D, creator of all that is will call Jesus up to himself and tell him it is time.

Build your ark now

Build your ark NOW   

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