Day 183 Unexpected things happen unexpectedly: The doubles.

Unexpected things happen unexpectedly. I have seen my double and the doubles of many of my family.

My Uncle, my dad’s brother, had just died. We had just buried him. He was in the grave in a casket under ground. My dad wanted to do something to help my Aunt Juanita, his wife. He gave me and his older widowed sister and his brother’s grieving wife and my mom a road trip to a favorite lake of his in the next state known for good fishing. Dad hoped it would be a place to relax and heal from the recent loss of our loved one.

There was a small curio shop there where we could look at souvenirs and get a soda pop. I was the kid in the group so I ran ahead. As I burst through the door and ran toward the pop machine there stood before me my uncle who we just put in the ground and both my aunts, including the one right behind me about to come through the door. My dead uncle’s duplicate was handing my duplicate a bottle of pop he had just taken out of the pop machine. I turned around and there was my family coming in the door behind me. Talk about doing a double take. I stopped in my tracks. My dad bumped into me and scolded me about being in the way. And then he saw them. He backed right into my mom. He apologized and told her he decided he was hungry too so he wanted to go to a restaurant instead We could get a pop there.

My dead uncle was handing a soda pop to me (my double) so I wanted out of there fast. I had no intention of meeting myself in that curio shop. My aunt had just buried her husband. Add to that the shock of seeing herself standing there talking to the one she just watched being lowered into his grave might be too much for her. My aunt might actually have a heart attack. My dad, the real one, picked me up and headed out the door. He did not have to tell me twice to get in the car. I was very afraid.

I asked my Dad what that was. He said in a whisper, “Do not ever tell anyone what you just saw.” He was so serious and his tone so ominous I did not speak of it for many decades. I am speaking of it now. If anyone has any real understanding of this event and how it could happen, please say so now. Put it in the responses to the blog post. 

We went to a nearby gas station for our pop. 

I have often heard it said as I was growing up that everyone has a duplicate some where in the world. One was good and one was evil. I guess the proverbial evil twin. The two duplicates are are identical in every other way. They look so much like the true son they duplicate no one can tell them apart. They walk the earth at the same time as the real spirit body. I have experienced the doubling myself. I am a witness. I have at least one duplicate on earth right now. 

I do not know if everyone on earth has a duplicate. I do know that everyone that is essential in the fight to end the rebellion and restore the original order of things to Creator G-D the ONE has a duplicate. Lucifer made the duplicates to defame the true sons and deceive the righteous. Not only that, they are our evil twin. If Lucifer’s copies show up in the same vicinity as the true son of The Lord G-D, they, the duplicate can easily discredit the true son, defame them, confuse those around them or even steal the supply from the the Lord G-d he sends to the true sons for the success of their mission on earth. I now of two or three duplicates working against me in the United States today. 


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