Day 184 More of the unexpected: Double speak and back masking.

The double speak and the back masking we endure also comes unexpectedly. The too is a plot of Satan he manifests through the duplications in this time. Even the police are taught to use double speak as a means of interrogation. The double speak I find most disturbing is not so easy to describe or demonstrate. One way this manifests is with a numbers game a lot of areas in the US play with you. If you are single and interested in having a personal relationship and someone is interested in you, everything you do is a two. All your appointments re at 2:00 pm. All your change comes out with two dollars or two cents return. If a guy is interested in you that has a child then instead of everything being a two, everything is three because if it works out and you get together, you will be a family of three instead of two. If you anger any of the powers that be in the group you can be “taken off the list” and become one. One is alone. No chance to have an interest. They can send you back to the bottom of the list. Everything you do and all your appointments will be at 1:00 pm again. The judgment is you are one and alone and will stay that way until you shape up, submit to the society in control around you. If they decide to they can restore you and give you the opportunity to be two again. You have sold your soul to the second death but you are not alone anymore. 

One senior citizen sitting in the waiting are of a mechanics shop while I was getting my oil changed said to me, “I am a one. You are a two. You are lucky.” I do not want to be a one but they won’t let me be a two. Another man sitting there told me he was a two and happy to be counted as a two. I should stop fussing about it and be happy I am two”. 

The idiocy of a social system like that is mind numbing. I really cannot believe adamah/persons are so deft of mind a free will to allow it. I do not allow it in my life. For instance where I am they have added an even more ridiculous part of the one/two game. The put the twos into a line and when it is your turn you have to date the two on the other line for a set amount of time. The coupling is always defined by time. A month or three months or six months or a year. And all other twos have to stop talking to the coupling beings while they are in “their time”. It is an abomination before The Lord G-D.

This is a very simple kindergarten like application of double speak. In double speak everything has at least two meanings and you the hearer are supposed to hear what they mean on many levels, not just the concrete level of the words coming out of their mouth. I am ever vigilant and perfectly aware of the double speak and those who spread it, but ignore this double meaning communication as much as possible.


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