Day 185 Training on defense against Doublespeak and Back Masking

On occasion is becomes important to attend to what is being spit at you in double speak so you can defend yourself or take action in your own behalf. Sometimes there are hidden curses in double speak or bullets directed at your immortal soul and you must counteract them or deny them verbally or stand against the bullets they hurled at your soul by speaking truth into the air and dissolving them. About 30 years ago my family would have called interpreting double speak “reading between the lines” or “catching the drift”. Now double speak has developed into a full blown language. People who speak doublespeak are always lying or as the Native Americans used to say in regard to doublespeak, “the speak with a forked tongue”. You cannot trust them. Do not trust them. No matter what is actually coming out of their mouths the words you hear are not the intention of their conversation.

Doublespeak is a form of “back masking” because the speaker uses hidden messages for your subconscious to pick up on. You know you have been hit with doublespeak when you get home and get the other thing they were saying to hour hours or even a couple days later. It is easy to rage at the answers you gave them because you finally understand that in their world and their economy you were answering a completely different question. The question they asked was phrased so that you gave the surface answer to the basic question they asked but the yes you gave them is somehow in their ethos used for their purposes against you. The demon standing in front of you in human form or the one working out of the body of one of your friends will use your answer for their purposes.

The entity you see uses your response to the seemingly innocent or completely normal question posed in times and universes and ethos and realms you have no idea about and would not have answered to speak into had you been aware of the true intention and effect of the answer you give. In fact you might not have answered at all. If you attempt to make answer you might innocently respond to the real time question at it is being posed to you but the answer you make is used in a way it gives them permission to do something to your or someone you know or love or they justify an action taken against you or somehow make your seem to have agreed so that it appears something you are being falsely accused of is true. Beware of doublespeak and those who speak with “forked tongue”.


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