Day 186 True Sons clothed in The LIGHT Body. Sons of the Rebellion Blotted out without remedy.

Isaiah, one of the major prophets in ancient Israel, says, “The righteous is taken away from the evil, he enters into peace; They rest in their beds, one who walked in his upright way.” (Isaiah 51:1B-2 New American Standard version of the Bible.) In like manner, The Lord G-D took Lilith out of the Garden to preserve her pure and Holy unto Himself. She did not hear lies from the serpent. She in not and her children are not under the curse of male-person/Adam and female-person/Eve and their children or any multiplications by them of their union.

After Adam and Even sinned and “ate the forbidden fruit” they lost their natural covering of the Glory of The Lord G-D. They had been clothed in the LIGHT BODY, then they rebelled. They fell out of LIGHT into darkness and their Light faded away. Adam hid from The Lord G-D when The Lord G-D came walking in the Garden of Eden. The Lord G-D asked Adam how he “knew” he was naked. Adam told The Lord G-D the woman He made from his rib gave him fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden and he did eat of it.

Still Adam and Eve were not kicked out of the Garden of Eden. The Lord G-D formed clothing out of hides and had Adam and Eve wear them. He let them stay on earth but shut the door to the Garden of Eden. There were Sentrys placed at the door protection the entrance.

Lucifer tricked many of the angels into serving him. They too fell to earth with Lucifer, now the serpent the devil, from their abiding with The Lord G-D. There are all different forms of fallen angels too. We commonly call them demons. More recently in our time some are calling them “the gods” or “goddesses”.

When Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and spent those three days in the belly of the earth, he took all those fallen angels captive. They were kept in a holding cell to be let loose in the end times. That would be now. They are loose in our time now. They walk the earth just like you and me. They take on human form so they do not alert you to the fact they are present. You may have heard people talk about shape shifters. It also gives them one more time to run their schemes on us and succeed in deceiving a few into worshipping the beast like they do. This is one more cleansing and sifting so that not one parcel or particle of the rebellion make it into the new heaven and the new earth. They are completely and without remedy blotted out. 


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