Day 186 Ashera a defeated foe.

The work Jesus and I did chopping down the Ashera poles in ancient Israel destroyed the power base of Ashera, the witches (Wiccans) among us today. Up until Jesus and I chopped down the Ashera poles in ancient Israel, they actually had power to perform minor miracles, had eyes to see in the corridor of time, a few minor things like that. Once their power matrix was eliminated, they are without effect. They had their hands cut off and their eyes poked out. Nothing they try to conjure up by voice can come to pass. They never did have the power to manifest through voice. Witchcraft does not have a leg to stand on. It is powerless. Witchcraft never had any authority. It is finished. I realize there are still some pretty fantastic things happening that would say this is not truth. If you have ever been faced down by a person practicing witchcraft, you know it is convincing that they have accomplished the deed. Please hear me. They are, in fact, a defeated foe.


Do not fear.


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