Day 204 New World Order: The Beginnings

Since Israel’s 8 day war, the first beast, the whore church, has been in the process of turning over its power to the second beast as is described by the Apostle John on the Aisle of Patmos in the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.

There has been much talk and much written about the “new world order.” I was listening as President George H. W. Bush gave his speech where he introduced this term “new world order”.  While the Bushes are world class power brokers, it is my opinion George H. W. Bush is not the “antichrist”. Just like every other scheme of Satan, the devil, this lie that spread through Christendom was a diversionary tactic to deceive even the true sons of The Lord G-D into wafting at dust bunnies and fighting smoke circles. 

For one thing, President Bush did not coin the phrase “new world order”. That came from George Soros. George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary in 1930. His rightfully given birth name was Gyorgy Schwartz. He is a Jew. George Soros escaped the communist takeover of Russia as a teenager and enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1947. This is when he changed his surname to Soros and took on the more anglicized George from his name Gyorgy. It was during his studies at the London School of Economics he and a world renowned philosopher Karl Popper, professor at the London School of Economics coined the phrase “new world order”.  George Soros is well known as being a philanthropist. He has spent his life in pursuit of a new world order with one world government. In 1956 he move to New York City and created an international hedge fund called QUANTUM FUND that nearly crashed the British Pound Sterling and made George Soros a Billionaire. It is possible he is one behind the efforts worldwide to devalue the dollar and crash the United States Monetary system. His scheme to bring the global banking system to bankruptcy is a possible explanation behind the recent events with Greece and the devaluation of the Euro. He must be watched as a possible candidate for the antichrist himself or the prophet for the antichrist. 

With the advent of COVID19 it is possible Soros is sounding the battle cry for what he is calling “the revolution”. In an article I read, Soros is quoted as saying “in the past the revolution was not possible. It is possible now.” The message I see in this statement is a confirmation the first beast/the Catholic Church failed.  The second beast/the new world financial order has succeeded in getting the global financial system to fail so Soros can wage a global revolution and put the “new world order” in place with himself, George Soros, as king, master, premier, whatever name he puts on ruler of the world. However this plays out, the power that be behind the global financial revolution and the “new world order” will offer “the greatest object in the world” to all who join him and total destruction to those who do not. 






Would you sell your soul to the second death for a meal? What does it count for you if you gain the world and loose your immortal soul?

Is this the foundation for the requirement to have the mark of the beast on our head or our hand or we are not allowed to be gainfully employed.  Is this advent of Covid19 and the closing of business across the US and the world with the “stimulus checks” to those who are vaccinated the beginning of this event? It is a question we who are aware are watching to see how is answered.

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