Day 32 Chapter 6 TWO CREATIONS

                                                                                 EARTH IS WITHOUT FORM AND VOID…..

Genesis 1:2 says the earth was without form and void. I was taught in my Sunday School before I could even read this meant G-D had not made earth yet. That could be one interpretation. I suppose. This explanation leaves many questions unanswered. It leaves us wide open to scientific theories like evolution. We all want to know who we are. How did we get here? Why am I here and where do I go when I am done here.

Genesis records the advent of the first creation in detail. Creator G-D spoke creation into being and manifest it through the Word of G-D. Day 7 G-D rested. Day 8, the Earth was without form and void. All G-D’s work in those first 6 days was gone. 


I know. I know. If the war was over and we won why are we sitting the the mess we are on planet earth today? Good question. I hope some of the answers that work for me ad I now share with you work for you also.

The rebellion had been squelched. the first creation was “without form and void”. Everything had to be put back in order. The Lord G-D set about making the second creation.


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