Day 33 Fun Fact

 Fun Fact! 

The “day” spoken of in Genesis where it says “Evening and Moring was the first day” or when Genesis 2 says “in that day G-D created the heaven and the earth” it is not our 24 hour day we get as the earth circles the sun. Time had not been created in any of the 7 days of the first creation. Time was created in the second creation after the fall of adamah person or Adam. 

It always amuses me when scientists get into carbon dating and come up with millions and billions of so called years. Creator has no beginning. Creator has no end. Trying to measure a beginning that does not exist means you can make up any batch of numbers and keep adding zeros and multiplying them and you will never ever get to the beginning or the end. You cannot measure G-D.

The fact is time did not exist in the first creation.  This could very possibly could be the answer to the evolution question how old is the earth. Utilizing carbon dating to measure the millions and millions and trillions of earth years the believers in carbon dating come up with is like someone trying to figure Pi.

Interlude to think on these things…….

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