Day: March 10, 2021

Day 25 G-D’s supply complete

I went to my car insurance agent to catch up my information on my policy. She said, “If you want to buy a car, go to this place and tell this person I sent you. I will call them and tell them to get you into a new car.”  Alarms and whistles went off in…Read more

Day 24 The Provisioning explained

We were imparted with power and authority and strength and any gifts we need to succeed. We have that now. But the tribulation of our time makes it hard for us to see or experience just how much provision we really do have at our finger tips. G-D actually sets up our supply preemptively. The…Read more

Day 23 The War Provisioned

All of humankind created on the sixth day of the first creation through voice manifested by The Word have each contracted with G-D. Each of us was assigned tasks to do according to the choices we made and the answers we gave to the question, “Who will go for Us?” Then we were imparted with…Read more

Day 22 The war, the beginnings

Creator G-ds blueprint for creation was ONE to ONE joined together to make ONE. Lucifer thought that was such a waste. Why should perfection be limited to ONE? He broke the natural barriers G-D placed in creation and declared a free for all. Animals and plants could cross breed and male persons could mate with…Read more