Day 25 G-D’s supply complete

I went to my car insurance agent to catch up my information on my policy. She said, “If you want to buy a car, go to this place and tell this person I sent you. I will call them and tell them to get you into a new car.” 

Alarms and whistles went off in my head. I did not have the money for a down payment. Identity thieves had destroyed my credit. The car dealer was in the next state over from where I was sitting. It was only a few hours away. But still. I did not know them.

I had to take a leap of faith. I drove to the dealership in a rented car. I met with a sales agent. I pretty much confessed all my sins to him and told him my situation at length. He looked at me and said he was a child of G-D himself and he was going to get me into a car. I gave hi my financial information such that it was.

He came back in about an hour saying it was a challenge but he had a car for me. I just had to come outside and take a look at it and agree to buy THAT CAR. 

I said, “It has to be THAT CAR?”

The way he said it was to deliver a message so I had him repeat it so I understood his meaning.

He said, “THAT CAR.” 

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