Day 23 The War Provisioned

All of humankind created on the sixth day of the first creation through voice manifested by The Word have each contracted with G-D. Each of us was assigned tasks to do according to the choices we made and the answers we gave to the question, “Who will go for Us?” Then we were imparted with power and authority and strength and any gifts we need to succeed.

The Christian Canonized Bible says the Angels see us and marvel at our lack of understanding and inability to act in our own behalf. In fact the angels fought some of our fights and pulled some of our weight in the war when it would have been much easier for the Sons to manifest victory by speaking it into being with the voice of G-D we carry. We ow them.

I can get discouraged or too enraged to function well in my j o b for The Lord G-D as it is right now. I start screaming in His face, “I did not sign on for this. This is too much!” The Lord G-D  plays the video tape of me standing before Him that is housed in my memory banks. In the instant replay I see myself with Creator G-D the ONE in the recruitment for the war with Lucifer. I did ask for it. Then I am brought back into the situation that warranted the fresher course from the General. 

I carry on. 

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