Day 34 Could there be 2 creations?

The idea there might have been a creation before the current one is being bantered around in some scientific circles today. One theory is the “universe” reinvents itself every so often. In this theory earth as we know it will die somehow to an asteroid collision or abuse and another planet pretty much like it will take its place. These theorists use the word “universe” interchangeably for creator G-D.

The universe is ot a god or another name for Creator G-D, the Lord G-D. The universe is an inanimate object that in theory was created by G-D. The “universe” and all universes are part of creation just like the trees and all the animals. Therefore, the universe is not now reinventing itself and cannot reinvent itself or recreate itself.

There is one G-D. ONE Creator. The Lord G-D.

There are two separate and distinct creations.

Genesis 1 describes the 6 days of creation and the seventh day of rest for the first creation. Genesis 2 is the full written record of the second creation. The second creation being the aftermath and cleanup of the destruction of the first creation because of Lucifer’s rebellion.

The answers to what happened to the dinosaurs and any evolutionary questions of say Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon “man” are here. What science names Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon man is from the first creation not from the 6th day. This garden was called G-D’s footstool. The manlike being sometimes walking on all four peds was an animal. This species was an animal like the birds of the air or a cow or a horse or any other living creatures that creeps upon the ground. 

This animal man was created on the fifth day of the first creation. As opposed to HUMANKIND created on the sixth day by thought through voice manifested by The Word of G-d or the adamah man, formed from the dust left from the destruction of the first creation.

Evolution does not exist. 

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