Day 148 Chapter 23 Sexual Immorality Institutionalized

Lilith, who is Humankind created by voice through Word on the sixth day, was with child when female-person ate of the tree and died. Lucifer thought that would be all he had to do to unravel the fabric of creation. He did not know that Humankind would not be affected by his scheme.

When Satan discovers he is unable to entice Lilith to worship him he flies into a rage. Lilith is carrying the LIFE that would be the second Adam, born of the new earth but not of this earth. The successful birth of her child would be Satan’s undoing. Satan tried to kill Lilith and the child. G-D hid Lilith from Satan. Lilith delivered the humankind child right on time and completely healthy. The new adam was delivered and all of the second creation could be saved.

Jesus of Nazareth is the one born Humankind. Jesus is the first son of G-D born Humankind through female adamah birth canal into this second creation. He is fully Humankind and fully adamah. In his LIFE and in he death are the defeat of Satan and the end to the rebellion of Lucifer. Lucifer’s defeat marks the end of polytheism. The rebellion is over. We can choose to accept the truth that Jesus is Lord and Savior. We can choose to let Jesus bring us back into the LIFE we enjoyed as Humankind before the fall of adamah. LIFE is offered to us as a free gift. Likewise, we can choose death with the rebellion. It is not the will of creator G-D the ONE that any should perish. But, we have the option if we must.


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