Day 147 In this manner all things came to be

Time did not exist. Creator did not conceive of time through thought until after the rebellion of Lucifer, the end of the heavenly war between the army of Creator G-D and the ones deceived by Lucifer.

Genesis 1:2 says simply “and the earth was without form and void.”



EDITOR’S NOTE: I have to laugh at the men of science who try to date the age of creation from carbon or any other means. You cannot measure something that never existed in time. Age implies time exists and had passed in some way. How old a thing is comes from time language.

Our lives are inundated with time. And now that the final stages of the rebellion are over and The Lord G-D is ending time, I hear silly people mourn it. Time is the shackles Creator G-D put on Lucifer and his minions so they cannot go on deceiving without end. The dinosaurs were in the first creation. We are the second creation. 

The next creation, number three, is already there and waiting for us. Jesus says, “In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so,  I would have told you.” Poor Poor Jesus. He wanted so intently to share with us about home and where HE came from, but we are soooo stuck in carnal knowledge of this planet he could not. He said, “If you cannot understand the simple thing I say how can  you comprehend the deeper things?”

So Jesus put the third creation in words we might understand. He told people living in shacks or under the stars wearing loin cloths if they were lucky or naked if not there were mansions in the kingdom to come. A lot of them. And everyone got one. No one in the kingdom is left naked unclothed and hungry. It was language they understood. 

In the 21st century, the second beast working through banking and finances uses this simple message to trap us into a prosperity language through greed and avarice. It says something like see just do this or this and you will have that mansion Jesus told you about. It is a new spin on Satan’s “greatest object in the world” he has been dangling in front of us since Even gazed at the fruit in the garden. After all, Heaven is a plan on earth any way. Right? Oh don’t concern yourself with the ones too stupid to do what you did to get yours. It was easy wasn’t it? No worries. Charity starts at home any way. 

The war was over. Earth stood formless and all the first creation was void. Creator G-D the ONE started over with the second creation. We live in the second creation. To make sure knowledge through the fall of man was not carried forward without end, The Lord G-D created time. This second creation is shackled in time. Time is Lucifer’s prison. We are in Lucifer’s prison serving out Lucifer’s sentence with him so Creator G-D can sort out every last seed of rebellion Lucifer planted in the first and second creation to be burned in the final purification fires. Not one iota of the rebellion remains. Not even the memory of the first two creations remains in the next creation. 


This is simple. Do not complicate it. 

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