Day 146 In this manner all things came to be.

Do you see God’s answer to the pan of the Red Dragon to make everyone have a chip in their head or their hand to buy goods? The Lord G-D just makes it so no one buys the goods. If no one is buying the goods then no one needs to get the chip in their head or their hand and no one is worshipping the beast. The beast is defeated because no one is purchasing their wares. No monies are exchanged and retail dies. The Lord G-D wins. 

Worshipping the beast in the new world order is about having and not having. The first scheme by the new world order to rule the world or have man worship Satan as creator was “Church”. Church was a well oiled machine. It got you early so you never knew better. There is an old old saying my Grandmother used to say. “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” In these last days, “Church” became an indoctrination center that majors on making everybody know and repeat over and over how “bad” they are. 

Believe it or not we are not separated from The Lord G-D because we are “bad”. Nothing we do can ever separate us from Creator G-D. We are separated from Creator G-D because of what we are. We are living in the original sin as descendants in the seed of the first person family, Adam and Eve. The Lord G-Ds very essence is love.

In the beginning G-D

G-D creates by bringing his thought into HIS voice. What HE speaks through HIS creation voice is manifested by His will and power and creative function through The Word of G-D, one of HIS original aspects.

In this manner, all things in the first creation came to be. 

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