Day 196 Hand to Hand Combat with a Mithras

While I was busy with my two daughters and the boot camp training The Lord G-D puts all who share the testimony of Jesus (prophesy) in our day through, my ex-husband was in the men’s training for Leaders of Ten positions in the congregation. Both of our girls were still in the nursery, so I worked in the nursery one Sunday each month. The pastor sent us books to read and mentored us on what we learned there. The children were happy and healthy. It seemed all was well.

Then one night as I lay next to my sleeping husband I was suddenly aware that something was standing at the foot of our bed. I shook myself to full waking state and there at the foot of the bed was a grotesque animal like figure. The top half was like that of a bull. The bottom half or it stood on human legs.

The beast spoke to me but not in a manner like human speech. I could see something coming out of his mouth like heat waves in the air. I could not understand the language. I did not know what the grotesque creature was saying.

While the creature was speaking to me in a manner that appeared like heat waves, I was shaking my husband as hard as I could to get him to wake up. He had sleep apnea and could be difficult to wake up. When he sleep was interrupted, he often woke up cranky, so it had to be an emergency for me to try to awaken him from a deep sleep. I took a lot of shaking but finally he roused. I frantically pointed at the figure still at the foot of the bed. My ex-husband said, “Oh, it’s just you.” He rolled back over on his side and was basically unconscious again. I did not try to awaken him again.

The half bull half man figure lunged at me in a posture of attack. We began wrestling in hand to hand combat. I fought it off with all my strength. I did not have time to think about crying out for help or praying to G-D. This was real. I was in physical hand to hand combat with a demon. This animal was powerful. Way too powerful for me. I was in the fight of my young life for my own soul and probably the soul of my children. 

The beast and I fought hand to hand until a ray of sunlight came through the curtains. When that beam of light broke into the room it landed on  the hip of the bull/man beast and it screamed out in pain. The sound of its squeal echoed through time space. It let go of me. It said something to me in that language that looked like heat waves.  It turned and left the room by walking through the solid wall by the bedside. The battle was over. 

I was exhausted. The exhaustion went much further than aching muscles and fatigue although I had to force myself to expand my lungs and retract them. I could not make my brain think one thought. I was in complete void. I do not know how long I was in that complete form of exhaustion in earth time. What I remember is that angels surrounded me and ministered to me. The One Called Holy again breathed the breath of life into my nostrils. Slowly I began to think again.  

As I became aware of the battle I had just fought, I was paralyzed by fear. I could not move one muscle. I could think but every thought was fear. I heard things breaking inside me like the shattering of glass. 

That scared me even more! I had no idea what was breaking. 

The great physician spoke. I did not hear with human ears. I did not experience anything with my soul. It was Spirit to Spirit. I heard the great physician say, “Come up here”. I was immediately caught up into the heavens. I was soon aware that I was walking by the river of life and Jesus was walking with me. He was clothed in a long white gown with a brown leather belt at his waste with leather sandals on his feet. We sat by a great huge tree that leaned out over a fast moving river. We laughed and we sang and we talked together. Slowly strength filed my body and my senses came back to me. 

Jesus and I walked along the river and talked for a while holding hands as we went along. Then he said to me, “It is time to go back now. You are not finished on earth yet.” I asked him if I could stay. I think I even protested having to come back. Then I was suddenly aware of my bedroom and my daughter was shaking me wanting me to fix breakfast. She was hungry. She was about 3 years old. 

What had just happened? 


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