Day 197 I was suddenly aware of my bedroom. My daughter was shaking me.

My daughter was hungry. I fixed the girls their breakfast.

The event of the night before and the image of the half bull half man beast were fresh in my memory. It was real. That really happened,

I woke up my ex husband. He did not remember a thing. I still have not made up my mind if I am happy was not able to remember saying “Oh it is just  you” to that beast standing at the foot of our bed poised to attack. Fact is he went to sleep and I had to fight of the beast in a physical actual hand to hand fight.

I had to ask my ex husband what day and what time it was. The fight with the half bull half man beast and my trip to heaven had taken one earth night. It was Sunday morning. We had no idea what to do. We had no idea who to call. We could not call any one in either of our families. It was Sunday morning so we could not call Max or Ernie. Both of them would be getting ready to preach Sunday services. Max had turned us over to Ernie to be our pastor any way. We got the girls ready to go to church at Full Faith Church of Love that morning.

We were now high enough in position of authority there it would have been noticed by a lot of people if we did not show up. My ex husband took the girls to the nursery. I found a seat in the section of the auditorium where we sat that first Sunday night and where we were now section leaders. I began connecting with people around me. My ex husband joined me. I heard quite a raucous at the front doors of the sanctuary. Soon one of the elders came down the aisle limping. He had a cane. The story he told those who asked was that he had fallen and sprained an ankle. He would be fine in a week or two. 

As he came down the aisle he came up beside me. I was about to greet him when he unmasked to me. It was the half man half bull beast that I fought in hand to hand combat in my bedroom that night. He growled, “You think you got me. Well, you did not. I will destroy you.” Then he “pinged” me, put back on his human mask and hobbled off with a smile on his human fa├žade. 

My ex husband had been greeting people in our section. When he joined me, I told him what had happened with the elder and who he was. He said we had to get out of there. We came to the one place we thought was safe and the beast turned out to be an elder there. Now what?

We decided to leave without creating a disturbance. That was the wrong thing to do. We should have started shouting at the top of our lungs. I had just defeated the beast alone in my bedroom. I could for sure end him there at Full Faith Church of Love. If I could not see straight to end him then I should have for sure gone to Pastor Ernie and told him what had happened.

I was new to the Holy Spirit Baptism. This was my first encounter with an ethereal being. My family and I were relatively new to the congregation. I had two very young children in the nursery and the service was about to begin. We should have screamed. The church should have caught fire. Something should have happened to let Ernie know what stood in the midst of the congregation. Nothing happened. The service began on time as usual. No one around me suspected what manner of evil lurked among us.


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