Day 86 Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth were husband and wife

Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth were husband and wife. Mary was pregnant when Jesus was crucified. They had a daughter. Mary named her Sarah. After the crucifixion, Mary had to flee Jerusalem just like her mother-in-law had to flee before the troops of Herod to save Jesus her first born son. Mary Magdalene was fleeing from the remaining apostles. Peter more than the others. Peter resented Mary’s position with Jesus. Mary was wife.

In the Hebrew culture of the day, wife meant Mary kept her husband’s household, gave him many sons, and kept her mouth shut. It did not make her second in command of the movement. Peter was even jealous Jesus would kiss Mary on the mouth and only kiss men on the cheek or the forehead, as was the custom. The 12 disciples gave Jesus a great deal of grief with their bickering and jealousy. This rivalry turned into full scaled war after Jesus ascension. The news Mary was with child cinched it for Peter. Mary’s place was in the home caring for the child not as head of the movement. Peter’s intentions toward Mary and the child became violent. After all, a boy child would be apparent heir to the kingdom and leader of the faithful. Peter could not have that. 

James and John, the sons of Zebedee, rescued Mary one night and hid her in one of the fishing boats. They eventually row her in the boat to the south of France and take care of her there. Mary is delivered of her girl child there and named her Sarah. This is well known in the South of France. There are shrines built to Mary Magdalene and to Sarah there. 


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  1. Hello Jonas. This is a field handbook for the True Sons of the Lord G-D to use to make it through these years of the tribulation to get home with their immortal souls in tact. We are taking it day by day. One step at a time. If one or more of the days do not speak to you, then good for you! Keep reading. In a a short bit one of the posts for the day will speak to you and perhaps help you on your journey home.

    The Theresa

  2. I am at this point publishing the book pretty much as written. I was hoping people would ask me questions about a topic that went too quick for newbies. If we could get a good running dialogue about some of the topics that would probably help everyone. If you have a specific question and ask in truth with no negative or malice I will say what I know. If I do not have an answer, I will say so I do not know and would not make answer. I do not lie and I do not make things up. I welcome honest open communications. The Theresa

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