Day 85 Foundational explanation for New World Order

The foundations for The New World Order were laid on earth by Constantine in the third century AD. It was always the plan of Satan for the first beast, organized religion, to come and set the stage for the real offensive against the reign of Creator G-D now being waged by the second beast, the global banking cartels of The New World Order. 

Lucifer deciding he was creator and assuming the identity and aspects of Creator G-D the ONE, The Lord G-d, is what The New World Order is about. New God. New World. New Creation. Creator G-D spoke order out of chaos. Lucifer is claiming to bring “a new world order”. It is far more than the banking cartel or the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati. The Lord G-D began creation by NAMING EACH PART. Lucifer plan is to steal creation by renaming everything with the intent of stealing the “identity Creator G-D gave each of us“. 

Identity theft continued throughout history. Sarai, the wife of Abram, a mother in Israel, was told to say she was his sister instead of his wife. Jacob took the birthright of Esau through trickery. His mother helped Jacob do that by sewing a sleeve of Lambs wool for Jacob to wear on his torso so Isaac who was blind would feel the fur and smell the animal pelt and think Jacob was Esau. Esau had hairy arms. Jacob was fair skinned. 

Jesus of Nazareth, the messiah of The Lord G-D, is the only begotten son of The Lord G-D, his first born of humankind. He was crucified on a cross in the place of a criminal. Jesus identity was not only mistaken but maligned unto death! Now the devil has manifested false “Christ’s” on earth. Many even accentuate the claims to be The Jesus the Christ with signs and wonders. Jesus once said “many will come in my name”. He was right, of course. 

Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus. She was carrying his child at the time of Jesus crucifixion. The “Church” has depicted her as a whore and a demonized woman. There were many Mary’s in the Bible. Mary of Magalia/the legal wife of Jesus of Nazareth, was the seller of purple by trade. She was one of few, if not the only, woman in Jesus’ day that was permitted to teach men in the temple. That is where Jesus met Mary of Magdala. 

Jesus loved her.

Jesus married her.

Mary and Jesus were husband and wife. They had a daughter named Sarah. After the crucifixion, Mary had to flee to Jerusalem just like Mary, the mother of Jesus, had to flee before the troops of Herod came to kill all first born males when she was pregnant with her first born child, that same Jesus. This time Mary Magdalene was fleeing from the Apostles. Peter more than the other Apostles, resented Mary Magdalene’s position with Jesus. 

Mary was wife. 


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