Day 195 Your gifts and calling …… may draw the attention of the red dragon

The Bible says your “gifts and calling will make a way for you”. Well in my case it sure has done that. But along with the favor of The Lord G-D I have drawn the attention of the red dragon himself and the rebellion.

Soon after that first eventful prophecy, I was more able to share the Testimony of Jesus with the congregation without fainting myself. I was attending beginner’s classes in Bible again. It would have been humiliating for someone who was so versed in Bible and had been in positions of authority in the Church but I had just accepted the Baptism by the Holy Spirit. Everything I was reading in the Bible came to life in new and exciting ways. Scriptures I had read dozens of times and had even memorized were all brand new again. Each time I read a scripture I gained new insight and understanding of what I was reading. It was like going through the doors of a maze. One door let to another door to another door. Each door opened to another deeper truth about The Lord G-D and the Kingdom. 

Through the One Called Holy, the truths in scripture became crystal clear. When I read the Bible before the One Called Holy Baptized me in the Spirit of the Living G-D I had been seeing through a glass darkly. Over time I began to realize some of the teachings I had been given from well meaning Bible teachers were FALSE. I had unwittingly taken part in spreading their false interpretations of the Bible about The Lord G-D. Not just simple things I remembered wrong like times dates and places of the stories in the old testament. These were the dee[ truths of the scripture that I had been lead to believe were the only way they could be interpreted and the interpretations were wrong. Some of them were flat out lies. This was a hard thing for me because not only had I been led wrong, whit I believed for many years was wrong, and I had taught others the wrong. I had turned around and taught that wrong interpretation of scripture to others leading them down the wrong path. People were basking in their faith and their lives on my false information and false teaching. It nearly did me in. 

But the One Called Holy was always there to heal me. Every time I found another place where I had been spreading false teaching, The One called Holy would come to me. Jesus came by many times to encourage me and let me know I was forgiven. We cleaned my filthy garments over and over until I stood before The Lord G-D in glistening brilliant white linens. Now I just have to wash the mud of humanity off my feet that I collect as I walk through this present darkness. I am clean.  

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