Day 194 The prophecy revealed

“Out of your mouth comes blessing and cursing. My children, this should not be so.”

I turned around and went back to my seat. The leader said, “That is it!” That is the message we are waiting for. He instructed the elders to take me back to his office. He dismissed the congregation. 

The elders let my whole family, my ex husband and both my daughters and me, back to the pastor’s private offices. There we met Ernie Gruen. He was very kind and very good with us. He introduced himself as the lead pastor for Full Faith Church of Love. We talked about what had just happened in the sanctuary. I told him we were members at Red Bridge Baptist Church. He said he knew Max Morris and would call him right then. He did. He called Max. To my surprise, they were good friends. Ernie told Max that I had just prophesied. He told Max how The Lord G-D had told him a new prophet was coming to the services that night with a special message to the congregation. I had given that message. 

Max Morris did not skip a beat. He told Ernie he expected something like that was going to happen but he was trying to get us on the Foreign Mission Field before I did it. They talked for a bit and decided together that Ernie could take care of us better at Full Faith than Max could do at Red Bridge because of the limitations of the convention. It seems Max was a Holy Spirit Baptised tongue talking miracle performing True Son of The Lord G-D Christian! Max himself had the gift of prophesy and prophesied on a regular basis in closed meetings with the deacons of the church, who were also spirit filled and prayed in tongues. This was a prerequisite for them to be ordained in the deacon board with Max. 

The Southern Baptist Convention recognizes in secret the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the Pentecost baptisms with tongues of fire. Most of the missionaries out in the field for the convention had the gift of tongues but they had to get it after they arrived on the mission field. Since we got it on US soil, the convention could not by charter send us into the mission field. What a crock of bull.

At any rate, in the span of an hour, our family was not going to Yemen with the Southern Baptist Convention Mission Board and we were members of Full Faith Church of Love, Ernie’s Church. Ernie made us leadership from day one. My ex husband enrolled in their college for church leaders. Ernie made my ex-husband a leader of 10. We held weekly meetings in my home. I hosted.

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