Day 149 The 4th grade sex ed assembly

Those who buy into Satan’s scheme of polytheism worship the beast. Recorded scripture says these deceived ones have no rest day or night. I have heard the sons of rebellion say as they smile that serpent grin, “I can sleep when I am dead.” I suggest they are already dead heading to the second death. 

Now is the time when perseverance is needed on the part of G-Ds true sons. As we travel down this road closer and closer to the end, it is the scheme of the red dragon to rip the moral fiber from the ONE into shreds. Our moral fiber and the back bone of civilization, the family, is being destroyed or recreated in the twisted image of Lucifer. Our children have been sold the bill of goods of  free love. Everyone is doing it. If one partner is good, 10 is better. After all, Solomon had a thousand wives. No one ever follows that with the truth that Solomon’s many wives were his undoing.

This fact is understood very well by the beast and the principle of many wives is used to destroy the moral fiber on planet earth. This trip into debauchery is institutionalized. I have a teaching degree in special education and did teach in public school for a while. As the special education teacher I was pulled out of my class room to monitor any assembly the school had for the “normal” children classes. One day I was pulled from my class room with little notice. When I arrived, the auditorium was full of 4th graders, both girls and boys. I took my position in the back of the room and the assembly began. 

The speaker introduced the subject. Sex. Sex was the subject they were teaching 4th graders, 9 year old children, both boys and girls together at the same time. I tried to protest and started to leave the room. The principal caught me and told me to get back in there or I was fired. I decided those children needed sum protection and someone had to witness what was going on in there to tell the story so it could be stopped. I went back into the assembly.

Boys and girls were in attendance at the same time. Which was previously very unusual for any curriculum for sex education. Historically boys were given male instruction with boys and girls were given female instruction with girls. That was not the case this time. The speaker briefly told the children they were old enough to know about the physical act of human reproduction. 

The lights in the assembly hall were turned way down low so it was dark. The movie began. 

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