Day 150 School shows sexually explicit film to 9 year olds

The brief introduction to the proceedings told the children they were “old enough”. Nine years old is “old enough” to these people presenting this program.

The lights were dimmed. The health sponsor showed those assembled a sexually explicit film with cartoon characters doing the physical sexual act to keep it from being labeled pornography. Male reproductive organs were shown and explained in their entirety as well as the female reproductive organs needed for the human physical sex act. The film demonstrated exactly how the male organ entered the female body and moved up and down. 

The children were terrified. Many cried. Some wet themselves. The film ended. Nothing in the film told them that is how babies are made. No one said girls you are going to get pregnant if you do this. 

The lights came up. No one was allowed to ask questions. The program sponsor did go over what they had just seen briefly. Then she brought out a condom and a banana. She told the boys their organ would grow big and get hard. This was going to happen to all boys. They had no choice. It would happen. When it did happen the boys were supposed to go find a girl, any girl, and put their stiffness inside her body like the movie had shown them. The boys had no choice about getting hard so the girls had no choice but to let the boys relieve the stiffness inside them when a boy, any boy, came.

Then condoms were passed out to each person in the room, including me. The program sponsor said to the 9 year old boys that before the boy put himself in her body he would put this jacket on his stiffness. She held up a condom. She placed the condom at the top of the banana and coaxed it down. Once he had his jacket on his stiffness he was supposed to put himself inside the girl he chose and move it up and down. She had to let him do it.

Then his woman turned to the 4th grade girls, 9 year olds, and told them this was a natural process. The boys would come to them when it was time to put themselves inside their body. The girls had no choice in the matter. Their body belonged to the boy and was made specifically for his purpose. When they were approached by any boy they had to let him put himself inside themselves. 

In this manner, taking about half an hour, the girls control over their own body and who has access to it was rudely ripped from them. They lost that sacred part of themselves all girls keep safe to give to their husbands, the one of their choosing, on their wedding night. The whole idea of being a virgin was gone. Her virginity was nothing and meant nothing. It was not even mentioned. 

This happened in the early 1980s. In the Midwest. Not in California or Los Vegas. This is a sleepy little “Christian” town. 

This is the legacy we left to our children.

This is how Khrushchev successfully “took down The United States without a shot”.

Now what will you do? You who have been blessed with the care of a young child in these last days. What will you do? 



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