Day 151 My reaction to the sex assembly for 9 year olds

I witnessed the destruction of the moral system in the US with one stroke in half an hour. 

I was beside myself with rage.

I went to the principal and asked her how she could do that to the children. She basically said I had better get with the times. I had just witnessed the future. She had chosen me to be in that room so I could get an education. I was targeted.

I went directly to the pastors of the town asking them what they had been doing. They all said they had no idea it was happening. I know now that is not true. The pastors had been in on it. It is the way the first beast works. They were the tool used by the second beast to assert its dominance and control. It is how the new world order works.

I walked out of the assembly hall to the principals office and then headed to my Pastor’s wife’s office. She was the local social worker in this small Midwestern town. I collapsed in her office as she greeted me. She aske me if I was Ok. I said no. I had just come from the 4th grade assembly. She sat back with a great big Cheshire grin on her face and said, “OH. You were allowed to take part in it! Wonderful! How did it go?”

I sat back for a minute and let her facial expression and body language soak in. I said, “You knew about this?” She said “Yes. Of course. I helped bring the assembly here. In fact, I suggested it. How did it go?”

This was my pastor’s wife. I had trusted her. I considered her my friend. She taught the young girls Sunday School Class. My mind was doing flip flops but caution gripped me. I settled down and smiled as nicely as I could. I said something to answer her curiosity and got out of there so I could think. 

This event was institutionalized. The government social services and the education department had worked together to bring this so called “sex education” to our 9 year old children. The church had actually been the one to suggest the assembly and bring it to town. They were actually proud of themselves. I was nauseated. I knew I could not be part of the moral destruction and decadence of the children.

There was a short very small protest from a few parents without any affect and that was it. My pastor’s wife was the social worker in the town. Yes. She was connected to the social workers who unmasked to me divulging their true identity to me as Mithras those years before with my oldest daughter. Same state. Different location. Not too far away up the highway. 

What I call “unmasking” has recently been more commonly called “Shape shifting”. “Shape shifting” is not a theory or a myth. “Shape shifting” is real. I like the move “MEN IN BLACK” because the world we live in is much like that. They are not “extraterrestrials” They live here too. The figures I have seen mask and unmask are much different that those on the movie screen. I have mostly faced off with Mithras. Mithras is the principality and power of England. 



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