Day 101 Back in business for myself

I had some business contacts in Florida who said they would help me incorporate a business of my own if I moved there close to them where they had some business influence.  I decided to take them up on the offer. I moved myself from the mid-Atlantic state where I had been to the southern part of Florida peninsula.

One week later, I was back in the business world only this time I was the owner and groups like USCC were calling me. I paid admission to several motivational and business education seminars that came to southern Florida and held meetings in hotels or convention halls. I first experienced Deutche Bank and the global banking cartels for myself at one of these banking conferences.

One of their players was the keynote speaker for a business seminar I attended. I had not met him before. He and I literally bumped into each other in the aisle of the auditorium as I took my seat. Imagine my surprise when he was the keynote speaker for the convention. He sent a messenger to tell me he was interested in meeting me. I gave the keynote speakers messenger my business card and told him to have the keynote call me. 


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