Day 102 Lessons learned

I soon learned this level power money are accustomed to just summoning anyone they want and they come. I am the only one who has ever had the moxy to say no or at least expect he call me. This set some very intense behaviors in motion. The keynote speaker decided I was his possession. He had a house on a northeast each he planned to set me up in. He thought he would come around once in a while for sex. I guess they call that being a sugar daddy. I call that being a sex slave. Well, it never happened. But you would think it did. Do you thin that power players ego would allow him to be denied woman, any woman? No.

In some ways it would have been better if he had gotten what he wanted out of me. He would have just set me up for a life in a mansion somewhere and I would have disappeared into nothingness like the rest of his conquests. But as the one who got away. Well, who was I to turn down….. you know <HIM>   The Big Kahuna. Every girl in the world wanted the chance to be in his bed to see if they could turn his head. That is every girl except me. I absolutely did not do that. I disrespect the ones that do.

Turns out he really was looking for a trophy wife. I know because he even had some woman try to snow job me into believing he wanted me to be his trophy wife. It seems if he cannot convince me any other way just tell her I will marry her. That should get it. 


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