Day 103 The Lord G-D manifests in a cloud

Turns out the global merchant really was looking for a trophy wife. I know because he sent some women to convince me. They had instructions if they could not persuade me to give him sex just tell her I will marry her. That should get it.

I saw through this pretty easily since that is what my ex husband did to me. He wanted sex and I would not let him have it. His family told him to go ahead and marry me. It was ok. He could have his way with me. They would have the marriage annulled after he was through with me and the sickness wore off. He had his way with me on the wedding night. Yes it was awful. He tore me until I bled. In a few days his dad came to me saying he never loved me but wanted sex with me and I would not give it to him. So they, his parents, thought up this scheme to get me so I would have sex with him. They would pay for my college education but my marriage would be annulled like it never happened. 

I said no. 

I had consummated. In my family that meant we were together for life.

My new husbands father screamed at me “Release my son!” 

I said no.

I told him he should have thought about that before he took me. My father in law told me he would exact release for his son it it took him the rest of his life. He meant it. He did everything he could to do me harm. After 20 years, two premature babies, and the destruction of my health, my ex father in law got our separation to a place he could trick a judge into thinking I had abandoned my children and get a quickie divorce. I did not know he had filed until 15 minutes before the divorce was final.  

I had been pondering my situation in my heart and decided it was time to rectify the situation. I had not lived with Evan for many months. He was cohabiting with his secretary. We were divorced in every way but on paper. So I called my attorney and told her to just get me out of the marriage. She protested saying people often say that and they do not meant it. I finally convinced her to file the papers in court. She called me back almost immediately with the news she could not file a divorce for me. The way she said it I thought she was denying me the right to file for divorce. I could not do it. But then she said, “You already have a divorce in the courts. It will be final if you do not call the court right now and tell them you are here and the divorce paperwork is a lie.” She got off the phone saying I should call her back when I have talked to the judge. I looked at the clock. It was 4:45 pm on Friday night. I had 15 minutes to call the court. 

It got dark in my apartment as deep dark billowing clouds entered through the wall to my left coming in over the back of the sofa. Then came lighting and thunder pealing. In a voice that sounded like thunder The Lord G-D said “Let it go!” I said No Lord.  I cannot divorce. “The loud thunder voice said “Let it go!” I said No Lord. What G-D has joined together let not man put asunder!” I actually talked back the the Creator of all that is. There were crashings and lightings and thunders and light flashing. “This is not my marriage. I did not create this union. Why would you be joined to the house of satan?”  I cried out no Lord. I would never join satan. More peals of lightning and then the voice thundered “I did not create this union. I tear it asunder!” More peals of thunder and lightning flashing as the dark clouds dissipated from across the ceiling in my tiny studio apartment. 

I sat amazed. 

And still my deep belief it was a mortal sin to divorce took me over and I tried to call the court house. A recording said the district court was closed and I would have to call them during regular operating hours. I sat back in my chair. I was divorced. A deep peace filled my being. 

Generations of belief it was against GOD to get a divorce were wiped out in seconds. I knew for a fact that there were definite times when a divorce was the right thing to do. It was burned into my soul not to believe a man when he proposes marriage. He probably just wants sex. My divorce was final without me having one thing to say about it. The global merchant stalked me across the entire North American Continent. I did not know until several years later that he is a major player in The New World Order. I did not understand how much danger I had been in while married to Even or the extent of the protection and salvation The Lord G-D had given me keeping me from the global merchant. 

I know now……………….

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