Day 104 The advent of the “Image”

There are others besides the ones I ran into personally and described in day 103 who are well known who intentionally or inadvertently are instrumental to the successful takeover of the world by The New World Order, the antichrist system. Bill Gates and his team are the creators and progenitors of the virtual world as we know it today, the World Wide Web or WWW.  This technology gave the second beast the global vehicle needed to fulfill some of the more spectacular predictions of the ancient prophets in Israel about our day. It is now possible for the entire world to see an event together at the same time as it happens. Many people thought the device with the talking pictures described by the prophets would be television.


Televisions are not interactive. It is true some of the video games on TV seem interactive. They are not interactive to the degree needed by antichrist described by the prophets. Television does not permeate every corner of the globe like the internet. It does not include a large enough percentage of the world/global population. Television video games do not have the ability to bring something back to life that was once dead. That became possible through VIRTUAL REALITY. Virtual reality was originally tested in on line internet video games. At first they were just convenient to play on a computer in  your home instead of going out of the house to an arcade. Then as game technology became more sophisticated, it became possible to network internet games with your friends while at home. Now you are connected with thousands or millions or billions of people around the globe simultaneously. Programmed into those games people die and come back to life regularly. We have been conditioned well. Dyeing and coming back to life has become the normal expected outcome for TV shows, movies, and electronic games.  It is an easy step to believe the human beings we know are able to die and come back to life. The stage is set for the antichrist to be fatally wounded in the head and come back to life. Truth is, the soul that used to house the body is held captive in a cage or chains. A different energy or ethereal entity has taken up residence there. This energy has a sinister agenda. The agenda includes the global domination and control of the antichrist. 

Now that the world wide web is  up and fully functional, the second beast can appear to bring back to life some world leader who was wounded in the head. It is a simple task to have that apparently resurrected being speak to the whole world at the same time through virtual reality technology. Millions of people will be convinced to worship the image that could do such a thing. Only very few, a tiny remnant, will escape. Most will loose their souls.

What will you do?

You would think that since the end time revelation story is such a common theme in movies and books and games that no one would fall for it. It is exactly this familiarity with people dying and coming back to life in movies that makes it a “usual” occurrence, common place, so that the masses except it and follow along to their destruction like lemming. 

Will you?

I have given you some specific examples of how it will happen in the discussions about protecting your eye gate and your ear gate. I say again, the recently released movie “Bird Cage” is a pictorial rendition albeit Hollywood style so in a fictional format of how dangerous and critical it is for us to protect our eyegate and not “see” it. We loose our soul by “worshipping” the “image”……..or looking upon the likeness of the antichrist, Satan.  

I am telling you to put on the whole armor of The Lord G-D and save your souls. Build your ark. Put on the armor of The Lord G-D. Protect your eyegate and your eargate. It is the time for the antichrist to be revealed. It will happen in our lifetime. It will happen within the next 70 years. This is Israel’s last week like Ezekiel told us! These times are to shake us up and sort us out so the true allegiance of our heart and mind and soul are known and will be apparent to all. Do you worship Creator G-D. Is your allegiance to His begotten Son, the Lamb of G-D, Jesus of Nazareth? Or will you turn like a door on its hinges to worship the antichrist through the image? 

Who are you?  


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