Day 105 Beware of being perceived as “unusual”

Beware of the “prophets” of “usual”.  It is very dangerous to have some one call you or label you or say anything you are doing is “unusual”. I have actually had a leader of a mega church in my area I was working for with permission from the pastors to park in the church parking lot in the very space allotted to me to park in turn me into the police for being “unusual”. That is astounding enough by itself but the officer who showed up did not identify himself as a  police officer and immediately demanded in a loud gruff voice behind me “Get out of the car”. Well…. I did not exit my vehicle as is the protocol and the teaching I have had from real the real police. Which was a good thing. This guy was some kinda nut. He did not call for backup. I did. I called my direct pastor I worked for. He did not pick up. Of course. He was in a counseling session with a family that had just lost a loved one. I would have called 9/11 for help if he got more aggressive. But the fact I had the pastors personal private cell phone number had the nutty officer back off me long enough to start thinking. He went over to the couple and told them they had better not do anything because I had the phone number for the pastors. It seems a wife of a low level employee of this mega church intrigued her husband to call the police on me. 

Author’s note: This is a perfect example of a jezebel spirit in action. This female used her husbands position, no matter how small and insignificant, to bring damage to a true prophet of The Lord G-D. I am sure this vixen uses her husband as her power base for her own agendas. I am almost as sure she uses the bedroom as a whipping post to keep him doing her dirty work. My tool was not sharp enough to pick up on this small demonstration of what was happening and was considered the norm and even celebrated at this mega church in my area. The lead pastor got up in the pulpit the next Sunday praising the employee for a j o b well done. Soon the trusted care pastor I worked for ushered me out of the church. My “sin” was being labeled “unusual”. Other aspects of the mega church continued to seek me out to lead the 50s to 60s group for them. I continued to work with the special needs groups. This lasted a few weeks until I became aware of the dangers forming around me. I pulled out of that church never to go to church again. Any Church! We are commanded to COME OUT OF HER! I do not need another lesson about that. The next time I might not escape. I learned my lesson. It will only get more dangerous from now on to the end. By the way. This is not a Catholic church! This is a protestant spirit filled mega church. Guard your spirit. 

The second Sunday after the incident the lead pastor stood in the pulpit and celebrated the low level employee for being sharp on the lookout for trouble. I had been a direct advisor to this lead pastor. He knew exactly who I was and what my beliefs are. I critiqued his daily blogs with him. We had been friends. Still no alarms went off in my head. I was like that proverbial frog sitting in the frying pan being slowly roasted while I smiled. Then the stalking started. And the people started getting in my face with sneers and insults.

Turns out the church had put me on some kind of “call chain” that passed down information to people in the church under the guise of “praying for them”.  They had a so called “security officer” employed by the church who got on the internet and googled my name so he thought he “knew” me. His claim to fame was he was an ex police officer. He decided I was “bad”. There are almost 114 people in the United States of America today with my exact name. The geniuses pulled together the worst of the stuff on the internet about all of them  and spread it around “the faithful” as if it were me. The one sitting in their pew for two services every Sunday morning. “The faithful” heard this bilge from their church so they never thought to question the validity of the information any more than I got it when the female enticed her husband to call the “police officer” and he started to brutalize me. He even told me I was lucky he did not break my car windows and drag me out of the car onto the cement. OMG

We who are true sons must be alert at all times. This will only get worse. It will be coming at us from church. So get ready for the time when your enemies will be your family and your children. Church is complicit with the antichrist system and guilty before Creator G-D unto the second death. Church is the first beast Apostle John tells us about in the book of Revelation. Beware. Come out of her. 


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