Day 106 This is not a game.

The stage is set for the new world order and the worship of the antichrist. The technology is already in place and fully functional on the world wide web. Soon the one that is antichrist will suffer a fatal blow to his “head” and come back to life. Do not be deceived. Do not worship the being who does this. Guard your eyegate and your eargate. I believe even one glimpse of the video or any image depicting the event will be considered worshipping the beast according to the book of Revelation and you loose your soul to the second death no matter how inadvertently. I cannot stress this enough. Take heed to yourself. Save  your soul.

This is not a game.

If one of your children accidentally sees the image and you jump to the rescue, you will loose your own soul for one glimpse of the image. In this case your child has already seen the image. You cannot save them. No one can save them. Save yourself. This is depicted in a movie called “Bird Box”.  “Bird Box” is a good rendition of how the image of the beast might work. Find the movie. Watch the movie. Watch it more than one time. Get the idea how important it is to protect your eyegate solidly in  your head and your heart. Believe there are consequences for seeing the image of the beast. Make a plan for yourself to keep from viewing the image. Do it now.

One reason people worship the “dead head that comes back to life” is because of the “miracles” he is able to perform. One of the miracles the “dead head” performs through power from the second beast is “controlling the weather”. This is easy. It is not miraculous. Bill Gates researched and developed and created a patent on the control of the hurricanes that come off the coast of West African coast line. Scientists set the program to be aimed at and hit the American Southeastern Coastline. When I heard this it did not surprise me. I lived in South Florida very briefly where I became familiar with hurricanes. Every hurricane season the storms that hit the US coast came from the same location on the African coast. I understand  Donald Trump bought the patent about the time of Katrina.



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