Day 107 The Weather Making Machine

The idea there was a man made machine somehow generating storms had already occurred to me. Hollywood is making movies now (this is a section of the book “The Original Identity Theft” that I am publishing here one day at a time that I wrote over a decade ago so these movies that were new then are old now.) where a Corporation has a machine that controls the weather around the world. In the early movies with this theme the machines malfunctioned. Instead of having 70 degree weather with warm gentle breezes in Florida or the South of France there were snow blizzards. The whole theme of the movie was about how the scientists who developed the weather machine worked to get it to function properly or at their will. They eventually found a dastardly dude who was sabotaging the mechanisms that made the weather machine work. The issues were solved and the machine worked according to the plot of the movie. 

The second movie I saw about weather making machines was far more revealing. The weather machine worked. The facility that housed the weather making machine and the scientists that programmed it were captured by insurgents and the whole globe was held hostage.  Since it has already been suggested in a popular movie from Hollywood, when that very thing or something much like it happens we will not be alarmed or even surprised. We have been desensitized. It will not be “unusual”. 

Of course the insurgents in the movie forced the scientists to create hurricanes and tornadoes and volcano eruptions around the globe to demonstrate their power and their full intent to rule the world. Hollywood movies are often used to introduce ideas to the masses so that when something really happens we are not shocked into taking action like we should be. We have become rabbits in headlights or worse. We are completely sedated against the horrors that will befall us. We are sheep led to the slaughter. 

Since Bill Gates spent the time and money to get a patent on a weather making machine and buy the rights to control it, you can bet the technology is real. My information is and I do believe Donald Trump bought the patent from Bill Gates and all it rights of control. With the patent and control Donald Trump can hold all of the nations that border on the Atlantic at ransom for whatever tribute he chooses to demand. 

Bill Gates and Donald Trump are not after money. They have money. The money is just one of the tools they use to make creating a weather machine possible. Controlling weather is just one tool to gain more power. To bend the will of man to ones own. The New World Order wants the control of power that money brings. The ultimate goal is global dominance. The weather machine is one tool in their arsenal. 


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