Day 173 The Wedding feast of the Lamb

The wedding of Jesus of Nazareth to Mary of Magdala is in the Jewish Temple Records. In the new creation Jesus and Mary will finally celebrate the Wedding feast and those who are the chosen faithful will fill the wedding hall. Those who are unfaithful sons or oppose Mary as The Bride of Christ will be cast into outer darkness where they can forever see Mary in her Glory in the House of The Lord G-D with her husband, Jesus of Nazareth. And for the record….. wedding has nothing to do with a dick.  Marriage has nothing to do with you guys getting your rocks off. For one second please get out of the carnal mind you are cemented into and live LIFE. LIFE is not reduced to a 6-7 inch appendage. THANK YOU LORD G-D! For those of you captured and held hostage to an appendage I believe there can be help to you. I believe there can be help to you in the land of the living. But if not, then imagine the rages in the hearts of the arrogant as they watch Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Madgala seller of purple laugh and live and LOVE in the NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH. Those cast into outer darkness will always observe the Glory of The Lord G-D but never participate.

Man does not decide who is in and who is out. The decisions about who got the invitation to the wedding feast were decided at the same time the jobs we were to do here in time were decided back in the recruitment station I told you about in Chapter 3 of this book. I can tell you right now Jesus the Christ is not some guy walking around on earth today. 

With that said, we are ready for Chapter 26 Jesus asked, “Would you like to have some fun?”

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